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If you are averse to any type of book, you need to find new ways of getting information. There is no way you can say that you know everything there is to know. As a matter of fact, things keep changing and you need to be able to find out what is new. Some companies have come up with information on their websites which help the reader to be able to understand their dealings. Information on ‘Samsung how to’ can help you when you don’t want to read the manual. Even if you forget the manual, you can be able to get the information from the internet. Well if you consider the internet another book which you don’t want to read, you can search for other means by which to get the information you want. Those who use BT prefer to contact them by phone. bt contact by phone is easy as you only need the number. However, you may have to be a little patient as there can be many people on the phone at the same time you are calling. Since it’s a first come first serve order, you may be the last one to be served if you called later than everyone else. You can have someone get the details for you, but you cannot be sure that they will do it the way you want them to. Maybe what you should do is to try and read just one book in a month. You will get used to gleaning some information from them and this will help you when you need it the most. It won’t hurt to learn a new habit that can help you.

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