For a Trustworthy Mini Flashlight, Trust in MagLite

As an authorized dealer of the MagLite flashlight, Cases by Masco has the ability to offer you great deals on a great product that you can trust for a lifetime.  MagLite flashlightshave grown to become globally recognized, used and trusted by law enforcement, fire fighters and household consumers all of the world.  It’s clear that with 30 years of industry experience, the MagLite brand knows how to produce a high quality product that will never let you down.  The MagLite flashlightcomes in a wide variety of heavy duty sizes and come with a huge selection of accessories to help you maximize the versatility of their flashlights.

Today Cases by Masco will be showcasing the Mini MagLite LED 2-Cell AA multimode flashlight.

This great mini LED flashlight offers:

  • Optimum light output
  • User-friendly, sleek, tactical design
  • Twist top for power On/Off
  • Four selectable modes:
  • Peak Power Beam (100%)
  • 25% Powered Beam
  • Blink Mode
  • SOS Mode
Small, lightweight design for easy storage Is available in: Black, Red, Grey, Blue, Silver Easy to store presentation box

Browse Cases by Masco’s extensive selection of MagLite flashlightsand other great products like Pelican cases and SKB cases by visiting their website today at!

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