Don’t Let Akismet Steal Your Auto Approved DoFollow Backlinks

If you are a blogger, you probably have or still face trouble with spam comments to your blog. Many bloggers delete all of their spam comments every day. Some bloggers protect their blog comments with plug-ins like Akismet. Only a few bloggers change their unwanted comments in to high quality, one way backlinks.

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I have faced this type of problem in the beginning stages of blogging. My blog receives around 5 to 10 spam comments every day, and some even receive 50 to 75. Finally, I had this great idea that will handle these spam comments and change them from a nuisance to a delight. You can also do the same by changing all spam comments to quality backlinks.

Step 1: Log in to your wordpress admin.
Step 2: Go comments —-> click Edit (for the comments you want to change).
Step 3: Change the post title to your anchor keyword(s).
Step 4: Don’t change Email (just leave it).
Step 5: Change commenter site URL to your targeted page (Good chance for deep links here).
Step 6: Now publish.

This will get you good quality links called internal backlinks. Search engines will treat these links unique because they will come from different IP addresses. If you change at least 10 to 25 comments daily, you will get good page rank and SERP results.

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