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What is the key to building the perfect website that grabs the visitor’s attention and stays at the top of the search engines? Well, there are certain rules to designing a website. Website Design Crown Point Indiana firms are experts at using those rules of design in their web design work for their clients. Let’s take a close look at those rules.   To view the content on your website. Is it a duplicate of other websites?  Exceptional quality content is very important. Search engines look for sites with unique and original material to share with their visitors. Sites with copied content or similar content to other websites are going to lose out. The number one rule is to provide the freshest and most original content. This will create a site that search engines are attracted to and drive the site to the top of the ranks.    Have you ever visited a site that was difficult to navigate or with dead links? This is a mistake that many DIY webmasters make. They do not hire a Website Design Crown Point Indiana firm to design a site with expert navigation. Instead, they design a site that is filled with bad links. This is a major reason that visitors do not return to the site. The number two rule in web design is to make the site navigable for all visitors.    Most Website Design Crown Point Indiana firms believe that the number three website design rule is broken frequently. Webmasters build a site with content that fills up every section of the page. The content is pinched together and very hard to read. The number three rule is to provide plenty of white space on the page for the viewer. This provides a nice quiet background for reading and viewing the site. Busy backgrounds and too much wording, chase away website visitors. 

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