The Mrs Q Blog Details a New Kind of Lunch Experience

Ever wondered how your kids fare at school during lunch time? That is the concept behind the Mrs Q blog, a highly popular site for parents with a keen interest in understanding what is served at the school lunch table. Through the Mrs Q blog, parents can relate to the extremely coherent and understandable rantings of a fed up parent who could no longer allow her children to be exposed to such substandard conditions while they are eating at school.

The blog addresses the fears, concerns and stories parents have about their own experiences at the school lunch table too. Most parents are getting to the point where they are packing lunches every day for their kids, knowing the types of processed foods that await their children. But with pressures from peers and others, kids still want to eat these foods. The blog aims to find a healthy balance between what is offered and what can be brought in. It also hopes to bring about real change on a country wide scale for the education system at lunch time.

The Mrs Q blog should not be confused with the Blog Q, Q models blog or Rquinox q blog, all of which have the letter Q in their names but with completely different purposes. The Mrs Q blog aims to address common concerns parents have about what their children are eating at school, while the others revolve around various other topics and have no direct correlation whatsoever.

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