Press Releases Exposed (part 1)

Press Release Writing and Submission

Running a successful website is a lot more than just writing up a bit of content and slapping a couple of pictures online. Anyone who has ever attempted to use their website to earn money can tell you that there are a huge number of important things that go into making it truly successful. In addition to the overall aesthetic quality of the site’s design, search engine optimization is one of the most integral things to keep in mind. When your website appears high among the rankings of popular search engines, it will enjoy a huge increase in traffic – and you will enjoy a huge increase in income. Your website’s search engine optimization can be facilitated through well written press releases.

Why Use Press Releases?

In case you have never used a press release to market your website, products and/or services before, it is important to really know what one is. A press release is a concisely written document that informs the public and various media outlets about a product, service, event or practically anything else imaginable. When you first debut a new website, a press release can be written up using strategically chosen keywords. This document can then be forwarded and submitted to hundreds of online media outlets, allowing news about your site and what it does reach the search engines more quickly and efficiently.

When used in combination with other search engine optimization techniques – such as the copy or content on your blog or website – a press release can truly work wonders. Depending on the theme or topic of your website, there are probably dozens of pertinent places where press releases can be submitted and then redistributed around the Internet. Learning how to use these items to your advantage is a very important part of successfully marketing your online presence.

How To Strategically Use Press Releases!

First and foremost, a press release must be well written. Misspellings, poor grammar and confusingly worded sentences will only turn people off, actually repelling them from your website. To avoid this disastrous outcome, you may want to hire a professional writer to come up with a press release for you. The money that you spend in doing that will be well worth it when you have a professionally worded press release to pass along to various online media outlets.

Secondly, a press release needs to be exciting – without being over-the-top. If your press release goes too far in enthusiastic tone, readers will sense a gimmick. You should strive to strike a balance between excitement and realism; readers are far likelier to trust you that way, and are likelier to click the link to visit your website. Make sure that the tone of your press release makes sense for the product, service or website that you’re trying to generate interest in, too. For instance, if you are trying to get people interested in a product that is meant to help with an embarrassing condition, it would be wise not to employ a joking or sarcastic tone in your press release.

Finally, the press release should ultimately make the reader feel compelled to visit your website to learn more. In other words, don’t spill all the beans regarding the product or service that you’re pitching within the body of your press release. Don’t go for a full-blown teaser, but do make visiting your site imperative for readers who want to really know more. After all, the primary point of a press release is to get attention – and traffic – for your website. Following these basic tips should help you tremendously in your press release efforts.


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