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imageFinding Reliable Web Hosting in the US

It is amazing that the word “viral” has gone from a tragic epidemic to a business boon in modern usage. As a platform for ideas and a matchmaker for international connection and sharing, the Internet is unparalleled. Advertising dollars reach far more people, shoppers can live in any country and businesses can literally experience limitless potential thanks to the time-saving effects of a website. There are new websites, and therefore new IP addresses, every day to accommodate the incredible growth of ideas, products and services available. How does anyone find anything in such a vast and growing number of websites?

In today’s market, a web presence is not an option, it’s a necessity, and reliable web-hosting is critical to any website’s success. Losing customers to the competition because of a crashed server would be devastating. Leading traffic to the website is just as important as stable servers and SEO hosting option should also be considered.

It may be a challenge for people just starting out to understand the many ins and outs of US web hosting. Some might ask themselves if a host service is necessary given that there are so many free options for websites. A site that provides information but doesn’t actually need to attract customers would probably be fine with the free web services but businesses need more–stable servers, search engine optimization and back door links that improve ranking, for example. Free sites are not going to be able to meet those needs but savvy business owners can find excellent SEO web hosting in the US and still stay in budget.

C class or C block web hosting is also available to those with large-scale plans. A string of numbers in four blocks separated by dots make up the IP address, the computer code associated with every website. The first set of numbers is the A block, the second set is the B block and so on. Search engines are now using the IP address to sort websites because with so many, tags and keywords are no longer sufficient. Search engines know that most people with web-based businesses have multiple sites, many pages on each site and perhaps even blogs or comment boards associated with their sites. As such, the search results filter out any results from the same C class, meaning that the A, B and C block of the IP address are the same. However, with C class web hosting, the IP addresses associated with the websites have different numbers in their C block and the search engine sees them as different sites, allowing every back link and separate page to register as its own unique entity and counting it towards ranking.

There are many details to consider when looking for reliable web hosting for a business. Stability is critical, but budget can not be overlooked as well. Business owners should familiarize themselves with SEO web hosting, including options for class C web hosting, before making their final decision on a US company.

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