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In our increasingly digital world, we still must make time to meet in person with our fellow workers and comrades in arms. Some decisions and discussions can only really properly take place with everyone seated around a conference room table. Getting everyone to that conference room at the same time and date can be the true issue. Sending out identical emails is tedious and can result in misused time and incorrect last minute messages. In a business world where time is money, revenue and investment can be lost.

The answer to this modern dilemma is the use of an email scheduler to send alerts, invitations, reminders and email messages to groups as quickly, efficiently and correctly as possible. Working with an email scheduler for recurring emails can make sense for time and money considerations. The software from Sperry includes the ability to send your emails on regularly scheduled daily, weekly, monthly or even yearly time periods. These dates can be orderly or in a random pattern as fits your company or personal calendar.

When addressing your emails, options exist to make sure your emails are always customized for the recipient. This means that you can address your email to multiple persons or to one recipient at a time. Use your email scheduler throughout the year as needed for your department or project. You can keep scheduling and sending your email messages as many times as you need until you reach the ending date you desire. You’ll never be held back by end of the year dates, continue to use your scheduler to schedule email into infinity if you like.

When sending your message, feel free to add attachments of files or documents. Know that these attachments will grab the latest version of your document or folder so that the latest version will always go into the hands of your participants or guests. You can view your pending emails at any time and make changes as you like. Using the backup and restore option, changing office hardware is no problem at all. Software also works with Outlook, as well as Microsoft office software already on your computer. For more information on the email schedule, visit

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