How to Get the Best Wedding DJs Portland, Oregon

Your wedding can be a magical day that people will remembers for years to come. Having the right entertainment to make sure that people have a good time is a big part of that celebration. The wedding djs portland oregon can be a big part of making this a great day.

If you get the right DJ they can make it a special event were everyone has a great time. Playing good music and getting people up dancing and participating in the various activities is what good wedding djs do. Most disc jockeys for weddings have their own way of doing things and have different ceremonies that they play for the bride and groom. There are different things like a money dance and electric slide that they do to get people participating, in between playing music.

A good Portland Wedding DJ will meet with the wedding party before the celebration to see what type of music they like, what they want their first song to be and other details so they know they are supplied with the right music for the crowd they are playing to. There is nothing worse than to have a DJ that has a tray full of the wrong type of music for the group that is at the wedding.

The best way to go about hiring your djs portland oregon is to make a list of things you absolutely want to have at your wedding. Then ask around and see if you can get some referrals for good DJ from other people that you know. Look through the Internet for DJ’s in your area and look in the phone book. Once you make up a list of a few prospective djs, call them and set up a meeting. Ask them question as and get some quotes. See who you feel comfortab;e with and were you get the best deal for what you are going to get.

Don’t just hire a wedding djs because they are the cheapest. Find out how many hours they will play and what equipment this includes. Do they have their own light show and sound equipment. Cheapest isn’t always best.

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