How to achieve greatness with tutors

Do you want to do more in life?  Would you like to really make an impactful difference in the world?  

Is something deep down not satisfied with mediocrity that causes you to strive for greatness?  If so, then you will need a mentor.  Look through the Madison tutors and find one that will help unlock your true potential.  Here are a few steps to get you started as you walk that path towards greatness.

Study what motivates you

One of the secrets to achieving greatness is to learn what you are passionate about.  If you are doing something you love, you will live a happy fulfilling life.  So spend some time meditating on the subject.  Sometimes it can be a difficult question to answer.  One way to narrow it down is to look for what you are not passionate about.  While discerning why these things do not motivate you., it will help clarify  the things that do.  You may discover that there are several things that you are passionate about.  That is ok, it gives you several places for you to explore.  Go over these items with your tutors.  Together create a game plan to develop these areas of your life.

Focus on the classics

The classics are called so for a reason.  They are books, poems, art, etc. that are famous for their deep messages and inspiration.  Achieving greatness requires having deep wells of inspiration and understanding.  So learn from the classics.  Find ones that relate to your passions.  For example, maybe you get excited about science.  Read some of the works of the original scientists, like Sir Francis Bacon and Newton.  These may be difficult to understand, but the value received from them will be tremendous.

Learn by doing

Learning by doing is an extremely effective way to learn, but yet it is often overlooked in schools.  Talk with your tutors about ways that you can achieve this.  For example maybe you want to help people who are hurt, and the idea of becoming a doctor motivates you.  Perhaps you could spend some time doing volunteer work at the hospital or care center in your area.  When you go, be as observant and alert as possible.  This can be effective for maybe you will see that being a doctor is not as exciting as you thought.   Doing simulations is another great way to learn by doing. You could work with your mentors in having a mock trial to learn what it could really be like to be a lawyer.

Find you motivation, study the classics, and learn by doing are a few steps to help get you started as you seek for greatness in your life. Brainstorm with your Madison tutors on other ideas.  Congratulations for your choice, for you are on the path to living a very productive and fulfilling life.

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