How the Little Business Goes to Market

To promote their companies, many business owners and managers require some assistance from a brand marketing agency. There are many companies and also independent consultants who specialize in brand consulting and franchise marketing. Since most businesses are not in the business of brandconsulting, a brand marketing agency can really help.

Around 60 percent of business to business or B2B companies say that they are planning to increase their content marketing strategies in the next year. Content marketing is used in online articles and blog postings, on social media and for in person events as well as videos and podcasts. It is not difficult to find a brand marketing agency specializing in content marketing, or in franchise marketing.

According to a recent study, around 90 percent of all smartphone owners say that they surf the internet and check emails on their devices. That is certainly a sign of the times. Marketing has changed since family dinners were interrupted by telemarketers for the first time, in 1970.

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