House Painters in Northwest Dallas Can Help With Your Painting Needs

The inside of your house should be something that immediately makes you and your family comfortable. You want any guests that come into your home to feel that immediate comfort. Choosing the right paint colors and the right application is important to have the lasting impression that is desired. The inside of your home is a direct reflection of the family’s personality. The interior walls create an atmosphere for your home. Steps to consider with indoor painting include:

1-Color-What colors will match your furniture and cupboards? Does your family like brighter colors? Or more muted tones? Be sure that the color you select is something that you are going to be happy with long term. If you pick a color that doesn’t match with the finish of your cupboards it could leave you unsatisfied. Go to any local hardware store and picking up paint color samples it could help decide which colors go and which won’t. Tape the samples to the wall and leave it there for a few days so you can get an idea of how the color will look in daylight, evening and at night time.  Look at the

2-Sheen-Knowing what sheen you prefer, whether it is matte, eggshell, and semi-gloss or gloss. Depending on where the painting is being done this could help with the maintenance and future cleaning of the wall.

3-Durability- This is affected by the sheen that is selected. In kitchen and bathrooms be selective with what sheen to use. In the bathroom and kitchen a matte or eggshell finish may not be the best choice.

4-Accent Walls-Want to paint using a bold color but not sure how much of it to be used? Think of limiting it to an accent wall. An accent wall can add great color to an entire room without making the color overwhelming. An accent wall could be a great place to showcase family photos or antiques. Also consider different painting techniques with your walls. Sponging or textured your walls.

5-Baseboards and Ceilings-Don’t forget to consider painting baseboards and ceilings. When fresh paint is applied to the walls the baseboards and ceilings could stand out in a bad way. A fresh coat of paint will complete the interior. Once a wall colors are decided try and select a complimentary color to use for the baseboards.

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