Hearing his voice talk about grow boxes

I so miss hearing his voice, this is what I had in mind while I listen to my boyfriend’s voice over the telephone. It has been 2 days since we last spoke but it seems that it was already 2 years ago. He is working as an accountant in a construction company and about a month ago, he was assigned to their head office up north so he has to leave town and stay there for about 3 months. We have been so close and used to seeing each other everyday that it was kind of hard for us to be apart this way. Before we became intimate, we started out as friends and so we are used to talking to each other about anything that we cannot tell anybody else. Since he started his assignment up north, we keep in touch through phone calls and chat over the internet. Right now, he is talking about the experiment his assistant showed to him last night over dinner at his place. He said it got him so interested that he was planning to do it here with me as well when he returns. I got excited over the idea especially that he said it was a new technology called hydroponics group. He said he will be ordering grow boxes beginners like us so that we can do it right the first time. We talked on until midnight. I would have loved to talk until morning but we both have work to do tomorrow so we better get some sleep.

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