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imageWeb Design is the Key to Joining E-Commerce

The Internet is amazing–you think of a question and within thirty sections you have 26, 700,000 answers, and that’s including the time it took to type it in. Between social networking sites and web-pages, everything that exists in this world is probably on the Internet somewhere. With all this information at our fingertips we seem educated, yet we continue the same debates we’ve always fought, we seem more efficient but we find more ways to waste time and we seem more connected but we hardly ever visit friends and family. Still, no matter how crazy the ride the choice is to find a way to hang on or to just get left back at the platform holding the drinks. Unless your business makes commuter mugs, there’s no reason to voluntarily be the one who holds the drinks.

Anyone trying to do business today has to have a website to survive. Not everyone knows how–where to begin, what to put on the site and how to get customers to see it. The hosts offering web-space and site building tools are cost effective, but how does a business know what will work for them? What makes the difference between a poorly-designed website that no one ever sees and an eye-catching, customer-grabbing masterpiece that draws traffic to it without breaking a sweat?

People that don’t need to draw customers or sell products, such as community groups or clubs, would be just fine using the free or inexpensive hosted space. An actual business will need more–the ability to conduct sales, count visitors, and reach customers–and discussing those needs with a web designer is the best place to start. The designer should also be familiar with SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, writing text that has the proper keywords and programming that includes the necessary tags so that the search engines can find the site. To prove that a professional web designer is a good idea for most companies, the vast majority of readers had no idea what that last sentence was talking about.

There is a delicate balance between eye-catching and browser-friendly. Designing their own personal website will often give people the kid-in-the-candy-store desire to put as many animated banners, videos and photos on their site as possible. However, a really graphic-heavy site takes a while to load. If potential customers click on the link and then have to sit and wait for the page to load, it’s possible they will just hit the back button and try another site. The web designer will ask what you are looking for, but remember to trust his or her expertise as well. More isn’t always better and the designer will have a good idea of how much the site can hold and still load quickly.

Businesses without an easy-to-find customer-friendly website are going to be left behind in this increasingly digital world. Calling a web design company will let you know what’s available and allow you to join the e-commerce market effectively. Even companies that make commuter mugs need a functional website in a world where there’s an online encyclopedia for every topic and even newborn babies have their own homepage.

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